Grieving Trip: Day 4 – 07/25/07

Oakland Chinatown Mall
Oakland Chinatown LibraryOakland Peony Restaurant

Oakland Chinatown Mall, Photo IOakland Chinatown Mall, Photo IIOakland Chinatown Mall, Photo III

Oakland Chinatown Library
It was an Asian library in the Mall. We visited this mall a few times.

Peony Restaurant
Shirley and I went to this dim sum restaurant a few times. I remember we went there once with Connie and Rene, and once with Desmond. We had also joined the CUHK OAA Chinese New Year dinner gathering there in 2005.

Oakland Chinatown Mall, Photo I-III
The pictures show the outlook of the mall.

Oakland Chinatown
Oakland Chinatown Grocery StoreOakland Chinatown Restaurant

Oakland Chinatown Grocery Store
When Shirley and I lived in Santa Rosa before, sometimes we chose to go to Oakland instead of San Francisco on the weekends. If so, we bought groceries from these stores.

Oakland Chinatown Restaurant
This is another (oldest?) branch of D&E restaurant. Very good deal on afternoon tea (3pm – 6pm) food and drink.

Ikea FurnitureEmeryville Freeway Entrance

Ikea Furniture
Shirley and I liked visiting Ikea even though we ended up did not buy much from there every time.

Emeryville Highway Entrance
This was a semi-hidden highway entrance that we always drove through when we went home after visiting Ikea.

El Cerrito:
Saigon Seafood Restaurant, Photo ISaigon Seafood Restaurant, Photo II

Saigon Seafood Restaurant
Shirley and I went to this dim sum restaurant a few times. We also enjoyed having dinner there. We liked their food because they were delicious and had great variety. Unfortunately, the restaurant was burnt down by fire and it never recovered.

Pacific East Mall
Pacific East Mall, Photo IPacific East Mall, Photo IIPacific East Mall, Photo III

Pacific East Mall, Photo I-III
The pictures show the outlook of the mall.

Coriya Hot Pot City168 Restaurant
Macau CafeAsian Pearl Restaurant

Coriya Hot Pot City
They had restaurants in El Cerrito, Richmond district and Milpitas. Shirley and I had been to all of them. The food served by this Taiwanese hot pot restaurant was not impressive. They did not serve any seafood anymore. They used to serve better food.

168 Restaurant
Shirley and I had been to this Taiwanese restaurant a few times. The food was OK. The restaurant was spacious and comfortable, and usually we did not need to wait for the table. We had been there with Frank and Sharon once.

Macau Cafe
We liked this Hong Kong style restaurant, and had been there quite a few times. They had different variety of food, and the curry was tasty. We went there with David and Alesia once.

Asian Pearl Restaurant
It was a relatively new dim sum restaurant opened in 2006. It has grand decorations and good chef. Shirley and I had dim sum with Prof. Wong and Catherine. We also had dinner with Yuchih, Steve, and his girlfriends.

Range 99 MarketKingstone Book StoreSheng Kee Bakery

Range 99 Supermarket
Shirley and I went grocery shopping in this supermarket a lot. It was clean and tidy. It was also very big and had all variety of food that we needed.

Kingstone Book Store
We went inside the store once and spent a whole 15-20 minutes looking at the books and CDs.

Sheng Kee Bakery
It was a franchise Taiwanese bakery store. There is also another one in Sunset district that we visited. Shirley liked to buy bakery there.

Richmond Bridge
Richmond Bridge, Photo IRichmond Bridge, Photo IIRichmond Bridge, Photo III
Every time we went to East Bay, we would drive past the Richmond Bridge. When we went home, it was usually dark at night.


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