Grieving Trip: Day 8 – 07/29/07

This was the last day of the grieving trip.

Kaiser Hospital (Redwood City):
Kasier Redwood City, Photo IKasier Redwood City, Photo IIKasier Redwood City, Photo III
This was the outlook of Kaiser Hospital where Shirley was transferred to perform the brain surgery.

Kasier Redwood City, Photo IVKasier Redwood City, Photo V
This was the entrance and the admission office. Mother-in-law and I came here first when we arrived at the hospital.

Kasier Redwood City, Photo VIKasier Redwood City, Photo VIIKasier Redwood City, Photo IX
Kasier Redwood City, Photo VIIIKasier Redwood City, Photo XKasier Redwood City, Photo XI
This was the Critical Care Unit (CCU) on the 3rd floor. Shirley stayed at Room 7 after the surgery was performed.

Kasier Redwood City, Photo XIIKasier Redwood City, Photo XIIIKasier Redwood City, Photo XIV
Kasier Redwood City, Photo XVKasier Redwood City, Photo XVI
This was the hallway and common area outside the CCU on the 3rd floor. The last picture was the waiting room where I had lots and lots of conference meetings with doctors, social workers, hospital staff, family, friends, etc. every day.

Kasier Redwood City, Photo XVIIimg_4339.jpg
Kasier Redwood City, Photo XVIIIKasier Redwood City, Photo XIX

This was the 5th floor. After Shirley performed the surgery, Carina was transferred from San Francisco Kaiser Hospital to Redwood City. Carina stayed at the room shown in the third photo on the 5th floor, where she was taken care by the nurse. Shirley’s parents and I stayed at the room shown in the fourth photo on the same floor.

Linen Outlet:
Linen Outlet, Photo IILinen Outlet, Photo ILinen Outlet, Photo III
Linen Outlet, Photo IVLinen Outlet, Photo VLinen Outlet, Photo VI
This was a shopping plaza close to the airport. Shirley and I went shopping at the Linen Outlet there. I didn’t remember whether she bought anything, but she spent quite some time inside. I also went to Lowe’s in the same plaza.

Moon Star Buffet:
This was an Asian buffet restaurant where Shirley and I went a number of times with our friends. We celebrated her birthday here many years ago. We had also brought her dad and her boss Saif here. The last time we went there was Sharon’s farewell on October 15, 2006. Shirley was the organizer. It was 3 weeks before Carina was born. The first photo shows the parking we parked when we attended Sharon’s farewell.

Fisherman’s Wharf (west end):
We liked the scenic Fisherman’s Wharf. There was a time when Shirley and I sat on the lawn and had a discussion about life and future.

McCormick and Kuleto’s Seafood Restaurant:
This restaurant was in Fisherman’s Wharf. Shirley and I had our Christmas dinner there on December 25, 2002. The last photo shows the table that we sat at.

Ghirardelli Chocolate:
This place was famous for their Chocolate and ice-cream sundae. We brought a lot of people here, including Ivy, father-in-law, David, Alesia, Yuchih, Steve, Frank, Sharon, Janice, Johnson, etc. We usually had the buy-one-get-one-free coupon prepared.

Marina district:
This was a very nice neighborhood. The houses were facing Golden Gate Bridge and Pacific Ocean. They had got very nice views with their oversize windows. These houses usually left their curtains opened so that people could see the furniture and decorations inside. Shirley and I loved them a lot. We dreamed about living in one of these houses some day.

Rolling Blading Area:
Shirley and I got into roller blading in 2005. This was the bike lane in Marina. The rectangular pedestrian walk surrounded a large lawn area, and was covered with smooth cement. We went there with Frank, Sharon, Yuchih, and Steve on occasionally Sundays. Sometimes we went to Golden Gate Park as well.

This was the starting point of the bike trial. We took breaks here after roller blading every 1 or 2 rounds.

This was near the halfway of the bike trial. We also took breaks here occasionally, sometimes waiting for each other.

As mentioned, the bike trial surrounded a large rectangular lawn area. There were people playing kites on the lawn. Some of the kites looked huge and professional. The kite players sometimes played with us by precisely controlling the huge kite very close to us. We were scared and excited. It was fun.

Marin City:
Bus Terminal
This was the bus stop in Marin City where I dropped Shirley off to work every Saturday morning at 7:40am. In weekdays, there was a bus that would go directly from our apartment to San Francisco. That bus route did not open on weekends.

Shirley and I went to this Babiesrus in Marin City to shop for baby gifts when there were events like baby showers, baby’s birthday, Christmas, etc. We went there to see if we needed to buy something for Carina before her birth, but we ended up didn’t buy anything.

The Lighthouse Coffee Shop
Shirley and I went there for brunch on a Sunday. It was relaxing. The food was not particularly impressive, but it was an interesting experience as Shirley and I only went to this type of place to have brunch occasionally.

There were a lot more places that are memorable between me and Shirley in Sausalito. Unfortunately, I do not have enough time in this grieving trip to capture photos on those other places.


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