Grieving Trip: Day 6 – 07/27/07

Daly City:
Todai, Photo ITodai, Photo IITodai, Photo III
Todai Sushi Buffet
This is the restaurant where Shirley and I celebrated her birthday last year. We couldn’t think of another place, and this restaurant offered free meal for the birthday person. The last photo showed the table we sat at that dinner.

Kukje Supermarket
Kukje Korean Supermarket
Shirley and I accidentally found this big Korean Supermarket when we drove around in Daly City some time ago.

Bolboa Street:
Bay Fung Tong Seafood Tea HouseEmperor Palace Restaurant
Bay Fung Tong Seafood Tea House
This restaurant was run by the same owner who owned Best Panda (Ho Mei Do) restaurant at Bolboa Street and 42th Ave. They used to have lots of variety of live seafood with good prices. But the place was not very elegant. However, it had been running downhill. The food was still cheap, but there was not much seafood to choose when Shirley and I went there the last few times.

Emperor Palace Restaurant
I believe it was around Christmas time in 2003. David Lee, Shirley and I were supposed to meet and have dinner at an Indian restaurant nearby. But it was closed. So we ended up having dinner at this small Chinese restaurant. The food was OK.

Kaiser Hospital (San Francisco):
Kasier Hospital, Photo IKasier Hospital, Photo IIKasier Hospital, Photo III
This was the outside look of Kaiser Hospital where Shirley delivered the baby.

Kasier Hospital, Photo IVKaiser Hospital, Photo XIV
This was the small waiting room for patients’ family when Shirley was in the Triage room waiting to be admitted.
The right photo showed the pharmacy. We picked up some medication there the week before delivery, when Shirley had a stiff arm but the hospital really couldn’t determine the root cause.

Kasier Hospital, Photo VKasier Hospital, Photo VIKasier Hospital, Photo VII
Kasier Hospital, Photo VIIIKasier Hospital, Photo IXKasier Hospital, Photo X
Kasier Hospital, Photo XIKasier Hospital, Photo XIIKasier Hospital, Photo XIII
This was the OBGYN room where Shirley delivered the baby. It was a large comfortable room. However, it was also the last room, last bed, last pillow that she saw and used before she lost her consciousness.

Kaiser Hospital Clinic (San Francisco):
Kaiser Hospital Clinic, Photo IIKaiser Hospital Clinic, Photo IKaiser Hospital Clinic, Photo III
This Kaiser Hospital clinic was right across the street from the hospital (both on Geary Street). After Shirley had her last pre-natal checkup at the hospital clinic, we went across the street to the hospital.

Kaiser Hospital Clinic, Photo IVKaiser Hospital Clinic, Photo V
This was the entrance and ground floor hall of the hospital clinic.

Kaiser Hospital Clinic, Photo VIKaiser Hospital Clinic, Photo VII
Kaiser Hospital Clinic, Photo VIIIKaiser Hospital Clinic, Photo IX
This was the the OBGYN clinic section on the 6th floor, where Shirley had her pre-natal checkups in San Francisco.

Kaiser Hospital Clinic, Photo XKaiser Hospital Clinic, Photo XI
This was the Pearl Room where Shirley and I attended the pre-natal baby classes. It was conducted in Cantonese.

Hospital Neighborhood on Geary Street:
Geary Street Restaurant, Photo I
Korean Zazang Noodle
I went out to this restaurant for lunch while Shirley and I were waiting in the hospital to get ready to deliver the baby on November 2, 2006. I remember because I had waited extremely long time for the food to arrive, the restaurant offered me pot dumplings on the house.

Geary Street Neighborhood, Photo IGeary Street Neighborhood, Photo II
Office depot
I took a quick look inside the store after I finished lunch at the Korean restaurant.

Geary Street Neighborhood, Photo IVGeary Street Neighborhood, Photo V
I posted a mail at this mailbox which is right opposite to Office Depot after lunch.

Geary Street:
Geary Street Restaurant, Photo IIGeary Street Restaurant, Photo IIIGeary Street Restaurant, Photo IV
Brother’s Restaurant
This was a popular Korean BBQ restaurant. They had 2 stores on Geary Street. Shirley and I went there once to order dishes. The food was not specially impressive, but it was crowded with people. They gave us a dish on the house because they felt that we had waited too long. We also went with mother-in-law to the other sister store on Geary Street and had BBQ food there. Because I like BBQ food, I felt it was better this time.

My Tofu House
This restaurant was specialized in spicy tofu soup. Shirley and I went here several times. I usually ordered more spicy than Shirley. The soup was very good.

Star India Cuisine
This was an Indian buffet restaurant. Shirley and I went there once after a pre-natal class. There were enough variety of Indian food in the buffet. We were both satisfied.

Geary Street Restaurant, Photo VGeary Street Restaurant, Photo VIGeary Street Restaurant, Photo VII
Shoe Repair
I remember Shirley and I brought her shoes to repair here.

Mama-san Japanese Cuisine
Shirley and I went there 2 or 3 times. I did not remember why we went there more than once. The food was more like Chinese food than Japanese food. And it only tasted so-so. Maybe we couldn’t think of any other places to go so we just randomly picked it again.

Kowloon Tong Dessert Cafe
We went to this dessert place several times ourselves. The dessert was great, and Shirley also liked to read the magazines there. We went there once with Kelvin Chu. The other time we also went with Edward and Isabella.

Geary Street Restaurant, Photo VIIIGeary Street Restaurant, Photo IX
Creations Dessert House
This was a franchise with stores in Hong Kong and other places. We went there a few times. This place was more expensive than Kowloon Tong. I remember going there with Frank and Sharon once and we shared some dessert there.

Parc Hong Kong Restaurant
This was one of our popular restaurants. Shirley and I went there for dim sum several times, with the North Bay crowd, with Rene and Connie, with Raymond Chan, with Edward and Isabella, etc. We also had dinner there ourselves, and also went with David, Alesia, and Raymond, etc.

Geary Street Restaurant, Photo XThe gang
Royal Ground Coffee
This restaurant belonged to Rick Ung’s sister. We went there after a dim sum lunch at Parc Hong Kong restaurant. It was right opposite to the restaurant. There was a big crowd with me and Shirley, Frank and Sharon, Beili and Eddie (ex-fiance), Anna and Kai, Angela, Xiaoming, and Rick.

UCSF Hospital:
UCSF Hospital, Photo IUCSF Hospital, Photo IIUCSF Hospital, Photo III
This was the outside look of UCSF hospital. Shirley had almost performed a double bypass heart surgery here in May 2006. They diagnosed that she had a pulmonary artery dissection, which turned out didn’t exist.

UCSF Hospital, Photo VUCSF Hospital, Photo VI
This was the back side of UCSF hospital.

UCSF Hospital, Photo IV
This was the phone booth I used to tell our families after Shirley had entered the operation room to start the surgery.

UCSF Hospital, Photo VIIUCSF Hospital, Photo VIII
UCSF Hospital, Photo IXUCSF Hospital, Photo X
This was the bedroom floor where Shirley stayed. They had her in the Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit because they claimed that pulmonary artery dissection is most common among kids. This famous facility had the expertises to treat the operation.


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